One Word

When I started this blog, I promised myself that every time I wrote, I would be painfully honest with my readers and with myself. That even though I am an editor for a living, I would present the unedited version of my life.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I write this to force myself to stop and think about it. It’s on my mind, whether I like it or not. So here goes.

As realistic as I have become about my daughter’s non-verbalism in recent years, there are still days when I stand in front of her and say the word Mom over and over again, hoping she will say it back.

Such a powerful word. Each time I hear it, it makes me think of the two things I have yearned for as long as I can remember. It’s the word I wish would spill out of Brielle’s mouth, and the one I can’t utter without aching since my own Mom died 29 years ago.

Twenty-nine years. That’s just crazy. How has so much time passed? When did I get so old?

In past years, when I was at my worst, I have refused to even acknowledge Mother’s Day. That always backfired, with me drinking too much or crying myself to sleep.

The day is always about missing my mom. When I was a teenager, it was a resent-the-world hurt. Now it’s a deep in-your-gut ache, a realization of all the memories I was unable to make with her.

The older I get, the more I appreciate her. Like me, she was a fiery blend of strong and sensitive. Like me, she got divorced from her kids’ father, worked full-time and raised two children on her own until she married a second time. Like me, she loved her son and her daughter with a passion.

Thankfully, I had Mom’s two sisters, my amazing aunts, who came to my rescue whenever I allowed them in. To this day, they are there. Though I don’t reach out too often for help, knowing I have them just in case makes everything easier.

I was a sad, lonely teenager who became a depressed, confused mom. Only recently, since I reached and surpassed the scary age of 42 — the age my mom was when she died — have I torn down my wall.

Oh, what a change! To live life appreciating what you have, instead of being bitter and hateful because of all that you don’t have.

When I turned 42, I wrote about that bittersweet birthday ( That post was some intense therapy.

Since then, a calmness has come over me. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments — ask my saint of a husband, he will list them — but in general I feel like I have finally accepted my past and that has helped me to deal with my present.

God, I miss my mom. Unless you are a motherless daughter, you cannot grasp what it is like to be one. It’s like traveling a foreign land without a guide or a map as you keep encountering ditches and detours and forks in the roads. Every turn is scary.

When the big moments come, the Mom I am and the Mom I miss collide. Every milestone, every tragedy, reminds me of what I had and what I don’t have and what I have to face without her.

I am trying to appreciate what I have and not dwell on what I don’t.

I’ve tried to live that way when it comes to Brielle. When you have a special needs child, you learn to celebrate every single achievement. Every dry night without a super-early wakeup. Every trip to the supermarket without a tantrum. Every sound. Every hug. Every smile. Every day.

But oh, does it hurt when I hear toddlers in the store calling for their Moms. Why can’t my Brielle? Why does something that’s so simple for others have to be so difficult for her? I would give anything to know.

I used to hope for sentences. Now it’s just that one goddamn word. I have earned it, goddamnit.

I’ll keep trying. Whenever she’s having a really alert day, when she seems to be staring into my eyes more than usual and making more sounds, I reach for her and make sure she is giving me all her attention. I get in her face and repeat the word over and over again, opening my mouth slowly and encouraging her to do the same. Mom. Mom. Mom.

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3 thoughts on “One Word

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  1. You are a very strong person, it is said God will not put more on us than we can handle. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have a friend with a special needs daughter and she has been through hell. Your amazing…

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  2. Wow, You are one Amazing mom, I hope & pray one day your wish will come true for you. Her words are silent. Her eyes speak volume when she looks at you. So proud to have met you. I know you will never give up. You inspire so many. xx Happy Happy Mothers day. xx ❤


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